Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus

The Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus that I picked up from Locals Culture House recently has been an amazing addition to my smoking arsenal. I waited a while to purchase it to see how friends liked them, but after hearing nothing but positive reviews and seeing how quickly they fly off the shelfs I finally decided that it was time to try one for myself.

Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus

 Seahorse Attatched The Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus features a 650MaH battery and has a see-through straw so you can see the size of hits you are getting. The tip is detachable and you can buy replacement tips online or in store in multiple varieties and there is even the option to purchase an attachment online that allows for water filtration for smoother hits! The kit also includes a cleaning brush, charging cord, and an adaptor tube that you can connect your Seahorse Pro Plus to any water piece to smoke through. I would recommend using a smaller water piece, it will be easy to take hits out of. 

How To Use The Seahorse Pro Plus

Seahorse Pro Plus

Using the Seahorse Pro Plus is simple. Either hold the button down to heat up the tip or press it three times in a row to enter session mode. Since I like to take big hits this is the main mode I use. Session mode will blink the light for 15 seconds while its heating up and when the light turns solid it is ready to use and will stay hot for 30 seconds. In this time you can take a few hits or pass it to a friend if you’re sharing. The Seahorse Pro Plus also offers three heat functions. Blue for low (3.2V), purple for medium (3.6V), and white for high (4.1V). Use lower temperatures for higher flavor and higher temperatures for more vapor.

What impressed me most about the Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus was the quality of flavor I was getting from each and every hit. I have smoked out of many, many smoking devices on the market and I thought the flavor quality I was getting out of this matched if not beat the Puffco Pro I have. There are some strains of oil that I wasn’t the biggest fan of because of the flavor but then smoking it through my Seahorse Pro Plus I would get a completely different flavor that I actually enjoyed.

Shatter is my favorite to smoke with the Seahorse Pro Plus. No more trying to break it up and watch the shatter accidentally fly across the room. All I need to do is heat up my Seahorse Pro Plus and gently touch it to the surface of the oil. My favorite thing to do with shatter is to make holes like swiss cheese. I also noticed with the Seahorse that after you suck up a bit of oil to vaporize, sometimes you don’t need to suck up anymore for a bit. As long as the tip is smoking I will continue to hit it over and over again until it isn’t smoking any more. 

Cleaning the Seahorse Pro Plus

Seahorse PartsOut of all the smoking devices I have had to clean this has probably been the easiest and quickest. I haven’t cleaned my Seahorse Pro Plus after fully recharging it about 5 times and it was still easy to clean. Just because I pushed it that far though I would not recommend that you push it too, cleaning it more often is ideal. All you need to do to clean the Seahorse Pro Plus is disassemble the parts and dip the brush in a little bit of isopropyl alcohol and scrub away. Just don’t use the brush on the tip as it may break the tip. The whole process from start to finish took me maybe 2 minutes at the most. 


The Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus is one of my top favorite electronic smoking devices I have used yet. It’s portable, easy to use and easy to clean. And if you’re wondering about strength, it hits SUPER hard. It is easy to accidentally do too much of a hit with the Seahorse. If you are planning on making this your every device and smoke alot, I would recommend upgrading to the Seahorse Pro Max. The Seahorse Pro Max offers a larger battery capacity and a detachable glass piece that will give a lot of water filtration to make hits much smoother. Just keep in mind it is much bigger than the Seahorse Pro Plus so it may not be as easily transportable, but you can still take it with you as you please. Either way the Seahorse line of products is definitely a must have for your smoking collection.