Try Honeydew at Locals Canna House

Try Honeydew at Locals Canna House

Honeydew is about passion.

They’re a small, tight knit team from Bellingham, WA.  Their shared passion for cannabis and cannabis cultivation drives their hands-on, curated approach in every aspect of their products.

Honeydew’s belief that cannabis should be a total sensory experience is the driving force in their focus to develop strains that offer unique smell, flavors, and feelings.  Whether a classic strain or a unique, innovative new hybrid, every strain is designed to take you on a journey of the senses.  From the first smell to the final exhale, and beyond.



Whether you are looking for an uplifting sativa to inspire your day or a relaxing indica to unwind afterwards, Honeydew’s collection of world class genetics has something perfect for you.  Their small-batch, pesticide free approach ensures every flower is perfectly curated, with flavor and fragrance that will leave your senses wanting more.

Try Honeydew flower today to taste and discover the difference!


Vanilla Lime – Sativa

Lineage: {Jack Herer x XJ-13}

Palm Tree Delight – Sativa

Lineage: {Pineapple Tart #2 x Orange Headrush}

True Grapefruit – Sativa

Lineage: {Cinderella 99 x Thai}

Heady Eddy – Hybrid

Lineage: {Pineapple Tart #2 x Orange Headrush}

Pineapple Dreams – Indica Hybrid

Lineage: {Blue Dream x Golden Pineapple}

Strawberry Gas – Indica

Lineage: {Gelato 33 x Dosidos}