Lokee Gravity Bong

The Lokee Gravity Bong

The future has arrived at Locals Culture House. The old way’s of jury-rigging a plastic bottle with a bowl piece just to get a head-blasting hit out of a bucket of water are now long gone.


Traditional Gravity Bong

For those who may not be familiar with gravity bongs, they are a long standing feat of home-made stoner engineering. All you need is a plastic bottle with a cut off bottom, a container larger than your bottle that can hold water, and some sort of bowl piece that you fashion into the cap. I always used a milk jug, a 5 gallon bucket, and a socket for the bowl piece. I would cut a hole into the lid of the milk cap just slightly smaller than the socket and then I would hold my lighter to the hole for a few seconds and then quickly insert the socket into the cap. The heat makes the plastic of the cap moldable for a couple seconds so when you insert the socket into the milk cap the heat causes the plastic to form a tight bond with the socket to lock it in place. 

Once your setup is complete, take the cap off the jug and load it up with your favorite herb. Place the jug as far into the water as you can without the top being submerged and then screw on your cap. Then use your lighter to bring the flame to the bowl and slowly lift up. As the weed ignites, you should see your jug filling up with milky smoke. Once you have enough of a hit in the jug, position yourself right over the jug, unscrew the lid, and push the jug back into the water. As you push the jug back into the water, get ready to inhale as the smoke will come flying out. Then you should probably get ready to find a couch because there is something about gravity bongs that hit so much harder. But now get ready to do a fraction of the work, because the future has arrived.

The Lokee Gravity Bong

Lokee Gravity BongThis beautiful piece of machinery is the Lokee Gravity Bong. The Lokee Gravity Bong can rotate a full 360 degrees to utilize the forces of kinetic motion, water displacement,opposing airflows, and gravity to deliver the most superior smoking experience. It comes with an optional 3 foot hose attachment for direct draws, or go without it and use the adjustable mouthpiece if you would like contact-less draws. In addition, the kit includes a 14mm Bowl piece and a herb diffuser if you would like to use hookah. Since it is a 14mm joint, feel free to attach any 14mm smoking device such as a banger, mini nail kit, an electric dab pen, and so much more!

To use the Lokee Gravity Bong is a much shorter description than the homemade gravity bong version. Just simply load your favorite herb in the bowl piece, hold the flame to the bowl, rotate the Lokee 180 degrees, and watch the milky smoke fill up the bong. Once it is full, just rotate the Lokee another 180 degrees and be ready to inhale the smooth vapor. The hits from this are super smooth and super flavorful, I was impressed. At first you may question weather or not you got a hit because the hit is so smooth and there isn’t that much smoke that comes out on the exhale, but you definitely feel it.

The Lokee Gravity Bong is a very impressive centerpiece that is sure to take the spotlight of any event. Hurry in to Locals Culture House to check it out while supplies last!