Take Your 4/20 Higher

Take Your 4/20 Higher

Whether you are looking for a way to get more stoned than usual this 4/20 or you just want to try something different, there are plenty of ways to take your smoking experience to higher levels. With 4/20 just around the corner, what better timing to put some variety into your smoking routine.

Fun With Dab Pens

Dab pens are simple and convenient.  I never thought there was a way to upgrade the vape pen experience, but luckily stoners are super ingenuitive and have already found some fun ways to upgrade the dab pen experience. 

Dab CapFor those who like good, clean flavor and super smooth hits, the Dab Cap is definitely for you. This simple little contraption is made of silicone and has slots on the interior that fit most vape pens on the market. All you need to do is simply stick your vape pen into the center of the dab cap, stick the dab cap on top of your favorite bong, and inhale! The tight fit of the silicone allows for it to snugly fit in just about any piece, letting you take super large, super smooth, and super flavorful hits. Sometimes I can’t take large hits of my dab pen because it gets harsh on my throat but I have noticed with the dab cap I usually can hit my pen for its full duration. 

Now if you are looking to turn it up to a 10 with your dab pen all you need is multiple dab pens and a pool noodle, Yes, that is correct, a pool noodle. The pool noodle allows you to hit as many dab pens as you can manage to stick into it. This works best with auto-draw pens, but simply just stab a small hole with a pen or a knife into your pool noodle, stick in your dab pen, and rinse and repeat until you are done. Just hit it like a steamroller, with your palm covering the end of the tube like a carb cap. You will be able to blow HUGE clouds like no other!

Homemade Moon Rocks

Moon RockMoon Rocks are loved by all. This lovely little nugs are typically rolled in a saucey concentrate such as distillate and then rolled into something another form of concentrate such as kief, crumble, and even isolate. You can buy them already made like this Nug of Gold from Forbidden Farms here on the right. However if you make it yourself at home, you can make it as potent as you wish. For the most potent homemade moonrock, I would recommend using distillate, top shelf flower, and isolate. Simply coat the nug of flower in distillate, roll it in some isolate, let it dry, and smoke away! This will take your smoking experience to new heights.

Homemade Infused Frosting

DistillateFor edible lovers, I always think home made frosting is a super easy recipe. All you need is a pan, mixing spoon, distillate, and some frosting. All you need to do is put your frosting into a pan at low heat, just low enough where it becomes easy to mix. If the heat is too high then you will decarb the THC and turn it into CBN which results in a super sleepy high. Once the frosting is at a consistency that is easy to mix, just add the distillate, mix for a couple minutes, and empty the frosting back out into a container and enjoy! Spread this onto anything or even just eat it by the finger. If you would like to tell how potent the recipe will be, you need to look at the total THC in your distillate. If the percentage of THC is 92.2%, if you use the whole gram of oil, just simply slide the decimal point once to the right and that is how many mg will be in your recipe. So if you used a full gram of 92.2% THC distillate, your recipe will contain 922mg of THC. Considering many THC users only need roughly 10mg of THC to fill effects, tread lightly with this very potent recipe.

Homemade Infused Blunt

Dorado Snow
Isolate From Dorado – Perfect For Moon Rocks And Infused Blunts

This is probably one of my favorite out-of-the-box way’s to get stoned. Something about the combination of flower and concentrate is just so delightful. The entourage effect will slap you in the face and take you to new heights of being stoned. There are multiple ways you can put together an infused blunt or pre-roll. You can infuse the outside, inside, or both depending on what level of stoned you would like to be. Dry consistencies of concentrates are usually the easiest to work with and are super simple to mix with the flower you use to roll with. The only type of wet concentrates I would recommend infusing with would be sauce or distillate. I prefer to use the wet concentrates to apply a thin coating to the outside of the pre-roll. Emphasis on the word thin, if your coating is too thick, the oil will just drip down the pre-roll until it is on your fingers and this is just wasting the oil. I also recommend to only coat the top three quarters of your pre-roll because again, anything close to the crutch will drip and will not be smoked and you do not want to waste any precious oil. If that’s not enough to get you stoned, roll the distillate infused pre-roll in some kief or isolate like a moonrock to infuse the outside further!

Have any other clever ways to get high? Come into Locals and share your favorite ways to get high with our team of chill coordinators!