Plaid Jacket Craft Cannabis

Plaid Jacket Craft Cannabis

I always get excited when I see a new line of top shelf flower. My mouth starts watering thinking of all the exquisite tasting strains I have yet to try. It is always a treat, so when Locals launched a new line of top shelf flower that comes in a beautiful plaid box, I was thrilled to treat myself to something new. 

About Plaid Jacket

Plaid Jacket JarPlaid Jacket is a very aesthetically pleasing top shelf brand . This craft cannabis company has been built from the ground up by highly enthusiastic cannabis lovers. They are devoted to providing the highest quality smoking experience around. Plaid Jacket is proud of all their full spectrum products such as trim-free pre-rolls, live rosin, concentrates, and top shelf flower. With their state of the art facility, Plaid Jacket has the perfect environment to cultivate new and unique strains with their S.C.A.D.A. System. 

S.C.A.D.A. stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. This high tech system allows growers to monitor and control factors such as humidity, temperature, light intensity, nutrient delivery, and CO2 levels. Each strain receives specialized care that caters to the individual needs of each plant. This system produces some of the happiest plants around.

Plaid Jacket is very environmentally conscious as well. The heating system in their facility runs as efficiently as possible by running on a half on / half off model. This allows them to transfer energy systematically from rooms with surpluses of energy to rooms that are lacking the energy they need. In addition, their nutrient delivery system uses a “dry back” technique. This method uses much less water consumption when compared to traditional waterming methods. 



Now for the best part, the scrumptious genetics that Plaid Jacket has to offer. Here are some of Plaid Jackets current leading strains

  • MelvinZ – Zkittlez x (Wonderland Cut x One Z)
  • Emergency #9 – Orange Push Pop x Sunset Sherbet
  • Emergency #1 – Orange Push Pop x Sunset Sherbet
  • Ethiopian Skycuddler – Ethiopian x Sky Cuddler Kush
  • M.A.C. – Alien Cookies x Columbian Starfighter
  • Albert Walker x Chemdawg
  • Wedding Cake x Gelato

With their state of the art laboratory for genetic research, there is no doubt that there will be more thrilling strains around the corner.

Plaid Jacket Eigths

I have a hard time picking a personal favorite strain. For myself it is tied between MelvinZ, Emergency #1, and Ethiopian Skycuddler. MelvinZ hits me as a delightful 70/30 sativa hybrid. This sweet and citrusy hybrid is a great strain to unwind with in the afternoon. I loved Ethiopian Skycuddler for a delightful indica hybrid to watch some T.V. with right before bed. It did not hit me with any type of heavy couchlock effect, instead Ethiopian Skycuddler gave me a nice body high that is relaxing and uplifting at the same time. Emergency #1 reminded me of another one of my top favorite strains, Tropicanna Cookies. Pine is one of my favorite flavors in cannabis, so the delightful blend of pine and citrus was the perfect package. The high felt like a heavier sativa hybrid but felt like a more productive high than the MelvinZ.

All of the strains from Plaid Jacket are absolutely marvelous. I have never really been a fan of M.A.C. but when I smoked Plaid Jacket’s M.A.C. after my first exhale I exclaimed “wow”. I have never been so delighted by a M.A.C. before. There is a strain for everyone, just depends on your personal preference and what mood you are in for the day. Come see your Locals Chill Coordinator to find the best Plaid Jacket strain for you today!