100% CBD Cigarettes

100% CBD Cigarettes

Hemp products have become increasingly more popular and accessible in recent years. I have recently become very fond of packs of hemp cigarettes. Being someone who doesn’t use nicotine, the word ‘cigarettes’ always makes me hesitant. Thankfully all the brands of hemp cigarettes I have found have been 100% hemp with no nicotine at all. Many hemp cigarettes come in the same type of papers as cigarettes do so they may have a slight taste of regular cigarettes, but rest assured that it is because of the paper and not because it contains nicotine. 

Locals Culture House has a great selection of hemp products and a variety of brands when it comes to hemp cigarettes. I always have a pack of hemp cigarettes on me lately so I have been trying all the brands I can find to see what I like best. I have tried Sturgis, Wild Hemp, and Snapz and they have all been fantastic.


  SturgisSturgis was the first brand of hemp cigarettes that I tried. Sturgis offers three flavors of hemp cigarettes, menthol, original, and light. Original tastes straight up like weed, light tastes just a bit like weed, and menthol, my favorite  add’s a nice minty freshness to the smoke. The high is nice and relaxing and will take any edge off and put you in a delightful mood. 

Wild Hemp

Wild HempWild Hemp was the next brand I tried and being someone who love’s a good flavor I was happy to try these. The quality of the hemp in these tasted a bit better than the sturgis and they offer more of a variety of flavors. They offer pineapple, sweet, and menthol. With the Wild Hemp cigarettes the flavor is all in the crutch. When I first smoked a Wild Hemp cigarette I was confused and was wondering where the flavor was but then I licked my lips and BAM, there was the yummy pineapple flavor I was searching for. Pineapple is my favorite flavor, the sweet flavor just reminds me a bit of medicinal flavor and menthol is always nice when you need a little bit of freshness.


SnapzSnapz is the last and most recent brand of hemp cigarettes that I have tried and they have been my personal favorite so far. For myself personally, I find that the hemp in these tastes the best for my own preference. I also get the best high from these. I get a high that is perky and uplifted. My favorite part about Snapz is the variety of flavors they have and how they do it.

Snapz CapsulesFor flavors they have mango, strawberry, blueberry, orange, and every one of these flavors has the option to have a menthol flavor as well. How is this possible you may ask? Each hemp cigarette has dual capsule technology. If you reference the picture to the right, you can see that on the filter there are two colored dots. Where each dot is placed the cigarette contains a capsule of flavor which you can only taste once you squeeze and pop the capsule. This means you can choose to not pop the capsules if you want to taste the natural hemp, pop the top capsule to taste a yummy fruity flavor which in this case is blueberry, pop the bottom capsule for a fresh menthol flavor, or pop both for a huge blast of flavor! 

Culture House Hemp Cigerette Sel

Locals Culture House is going to continue to source more brands of hemp cigarettes and I am excited to try all of the different options out there. Being someone who has never smoked nicotine, I love that I now have an excuse to step outside into the sunshine and take a break to smoke and even hang out with the other ‘cool kids’ who smoke cigarettes. However if you are going to smoke these on your breaks at your job, even though hemp is legal and it is ok to consume CBD on the job because it is non psychoactive, I would let your boss or supervisor know before you start consuming them regularly at work. I say this because they smell VERY strong like cannabis and it would be unfortunate for your boss to think you are getting high on THC on the job when you are only taking the edge off with a little bit of CBD.