King of Grinders – The King Kut

King of Grinders

I have gone through many grinders. They are great at first but over time the kief gets too caked and the teeth get jammed easier and easier. I do my best to keep them clean and maintain them but my best isn’t enough. Besides the time consuming mess of trying to keep the grinder clean and dealing with jammed teeth, the process can be tiring on the wrists especially if you’re a regular toker. I don’t have as much time to smoke as I used to so I often have to make my smoke sessions quick. Even though I prefer taking my time to grind my weed and to roll joints or blunts, I have had to resort to hand grinding my weed into bowls for a speedy smoke lately. Locals Culture always has a plethora of fun and useful smoking accessories. When I found Pulsar’s King Kut grinder, it completely changed my grinding experience.

The King Kut

 King Kut Grinder JarsIn my eyes the King Kut is the king of grinders. It is a rechargeable electric grinder that turns on with 5 quick clicks and has an auto shut off feature after 10 minutes of inactivity. The plate of tiny saw blades and teeth will grind any flower to a very fine consistency if desired. It has a screw in jar that will hold all the flower and the King Kut kit even comes with a second jar in case you would like to have to separate strains or mixes at the same time. 

I should have read the directions because on my first attempt I thought it wasn’t functional and bunk. Long story short, I was holding it upside down. It is important to hold the King Kut jar side down and make sure not to overload the jar where the nugs hit the blades at the top. The blades won’t activate if anything is touching the blades before you start.

King Kut Ground FlowerYou can tell the King Kut was made for stoners because once I held it the right direction I could read on the top of the device “Shake while you grind”. Very helpful for forgetful people or people who don’t read directions like myself. Once I knew what I was doing, the King Kut worked smoothly and beautifully. In roughly 15-20 seconds I had perfectly ground up cannabis. 

Tips & Tricks

Once ground up, if I am smoking out of a pipe or bong I just simply hold the jar sideways over the bowl and tap the side of the jar to slowly let the flower fall into place. Never has smoking been so smooth, simple, and clean. I am also back to my long lost love, pre-rolls. My new favorite method of smoking involves the King Palm cones with the King Kut grinder.

 I am able to go from full nugs of flower, to grounded, to having a cone fully loaded in about a minute and 45 seconds which is perfect for my busy life. The Palm cones are sturdy and I found if you simply put the cone into the jar of ground up weed and twist as you push in the cone basically stuffs itself. Doing that motion quickly while occasionally pressing it done with the wood pusher they provide you with I have never been happier to make and smoke homemade blunts. 

Boveda BagBonus Tip, the King Palm Cones come with Boveda Bags that you can use to keep your flower from becoming dry and ultimately extending its shelf life. The Boveda bags are liquid at first and will turn to a crunchy like salt when they can’t be used anymore. Once you can’t feel any more liquid in the bag, you know it is time to retire the boveda bag.

This is a funny thing to be annoyed with, but I have never liked kief catchers on grinders. Essentially, I want to smoke my kief now and not later. I love that the jar keeps it all in one place that’s simple to access. There are a few different colors and styles of King Tuts, find the grinder for you at Locals Culture House!