Go Wyld

Just recently introduced to Washington, Wyld gummies are taking the state by storm. Founded in 2015 in Oregon, Wyld has quickly migrated to many other states such as California, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, and now Washington. These gummies are made with high quality cannabis extract mixed with terpenes, natural flavors, and ingredients from real fruit to produce only the most authentic fruit flavors. Wyld has a committed team of food scientists that work daily to make sure they are continually improving their product to give the best quality, and most consistent edibles around.

How do you Go Wyld?

There are plenty of ways to let loose and go Wyld. With 8 flavors that have their own unique experience and effects there is something for every occasion. Recommended uses are listed next to each flavor but just remember, not everyone experiences cannabis the same! Even though many people can experience similar effects, just as many people can experience effects that are unique to their own personal experience. Start slow with a single gummy and find what works best for you!

wyld gummies


  • Raspberry THC Sativa Enhanced – Recommended for users who plan to be active and are best taken early morning to mid day. Some users may not be able to sleep at night when they take Sativa edibles.
  • Huckleberry THC Hybrid Enhanced – Recommended for users who are looking for a “middle of the road” high. Not too amped up, not too heavy either. Great for when you don’t know what the day will throw at you.
  • Marionberry THC Indica Enhanced – Recommended for users who are looking for heavy relaxation or maybe some sleep.
  • Pomegranate 1:1 THC:CBD Hybrid Enhanced – Recommended for users that are looking for an elevated mind and body high. Many people get heightened effects with 1:1 edibles.
  • Peach 2:1 CBD:THC Hybrid Enhanced – Recommended for users that are looking more for relief than to get high. Also a great option for people who are newer to using edibles and would like to start slowly.
  • Strawberry 20:1 CBD:THC Hybrid Enhanced – Recommended for users that are looking for relief or relaxation but would like to stay clear headed as well. With 20mg of CBD and 1mg of THC per gummy, expect to feel all the relief without any of the head changing high.
  • Pear 1:1 THC:CBG Hybrid Enhanced – Recommended for users that are looking to feel nice and balanced. CBG has properties which studies suggest it can aid in symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, potentially blocks receptors that cause cancer cell growth, and can potentially work as a strong antibacterial agent against microbial strains such as MRSA.
  • Elderberry 2:1 THC:CBN Indica Enhanced – With the combination of THC, CBN, and indica terpenes, we would highly recommend this for night time use. THC relaxes the body and can act as a sedative for many people. Mix that with CBN that also has relaxing and sedating effects, plus the indica terpenes that will relax and sedate the body as well, then holy entourage effect batman, this should do the trick and knock you out for
    a great night of rest.

With the incredible range of effects, ratios, and even minor cannabinoids you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Wyld For The Community

Supporting Wyld doesn’t just mean supporting a great edible company, it also means supporting great causes. To start, Wyld is a carbon neutral company that uses compostable packaging and is aiming to become a zero emissions company. They support many causes for the environment, one in particular being that they have partnered with the One Tree Planted project to plant 50,000 trees! Wyld is a supporter of social and racial justice causes as well. They sponsor Pride Northwest, support black history month, and partner with organizations such as the Equality Federation and the Oregon Cannabis Association. Learn about all of the great causes that Wyld supports and try them for yourself from Locals Canna House!