Spoil’d Distillate Vape Cartidges

“Everyone deserves to be Spoil’d.”

Spoil’d Distillate Vape Cartidges stay true to their tagline providing premium distilled cannabis oil for the vaping connoisseur. Each cartridge features top of the line ceramic elements to gently heat the distillate without sacrificing flavor. Each distillate cartridge is triple filtered, extracted using ethanol, and uses zero solvents, additives, or pesticides,  bringing a whole new meaning to the term “spoiled.”

Local’s Canna House carries a variety of Spoil’d Cartridges in multiple strains.

Strain Specific Local’s Favorites: (based on availability)

  • Dosidos
  • Cherry Pie
  • GG4
  • Sour Diesel

Checkout what we have in stock here!

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