Fire Pre-Roll 5 Pack

If you’re looking for a great pre-roll, you have to try the Fire Pre-Roll 5 Pack from Fire Cannabis! Each pack has five 0.6 grams of all bud, pesticide free pre-rolls, totaling to 3 grams of all in house flower.

These Fire and comes in infused strains or classic strains. The infused variety contain homegrown HTE, or high terpene extract. The flower combined with the extract gives each joint a wide range of cannabinoids to elevate your mood that much more. Get more bang per puff and rise higher with Fire!

To see current available strains, click here.

Fire Cannabis is produced by Viva Cannabis from Wenatchee, Washington. Viva focuses on sun-grown plants, empowering clean farmers, reducing plastic use, maintaining efficient processes and procedures, and supporting and collaborating with like-minded companies and artists.

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