Puffco Peak Accessories

Puffco Peak Accessories

The Puffco Peak Pro is great, but the accessories take the experience to a whole new level. I was so in love with the Puffco Indiglow that when I saw the matching set of accessories I had no hesitation. With the Puffco ball cap and teacher, power dock, and hot knife you will be in good hands.

Ball Cap and Tether

Ball Cap And TetherThe ball cap and tether comes in handy if you dab on the go a lot or plan on using your Puffco frequently. The Puffco comes with an oculus cap already, but I unfortunately lost mine very quickly. As much as I tried to be careful, the slim disc is just easy to lose. The tether makes a huge difference for me. Not only is it convenient that I never have to look for my cap, I also never have to worry about losing it. Just remember to slide the tether back off when you store your Puffco on your traveling case. Luckily the larger compartment is the perfect size to store your ball cap and tether.

Puffco Power Dock

Puffco Pro I find the power dock useful for many reasons. It serves as a stable base for your Puffco so it makes it less prone to tipping over. Helpful for owners of cats or If you’re in a group of clumsy people. In addition the power dock acts as a charging device for your Puffco. You can even take it on the go with you to charge your Puffco anywhere, it can charge your Puffco fully twice. It also has a USB port so that you may charge other devices too. The best part is the dock allows you to use your “Ready Mode” on your Puffco. When in ready mode, just simply keep your Puffco on the power dock and load your concentrate. Every time you lift it up it will automatically turn on. A great function for hanging out with friends.

Puffco Hot Knife

Puffco AccessoriesLast but certainly not least is my favorite of all the Puffco accessories, the Puffco hot knife. This is a god-send for heavy concentrate users. While you press the button on the hot knife it will heat the ceramic tip so that you may work with concentrates with ease. No more shatter flying around the room, no more problems with getting your concentrate into the nail. I am in love with watching concentrates slide down the hot knife into your smoking piece. The hot knife is especially handy to use with the Puffco since the preferred method is a cold start. This way you can easily drip your concentrate into the center of your atomizer instead of trying to wipe it off and risking getting the concentrate on the holes of the atomizer and ultimately making it a much longer process than it needs to be.

Other Puffco Accessories

Puffco does offer a few other accessories. They offer a travel pack that has a couple silicone prices that slide onto your Puffco. One holds Q-tips and the other is a slanted mouthpiece. Puffco also offers a carrying bag and a stand for your Puffco glass! Puffco is definitely the way to go to smoke like a true concentrate connoisseur. These indiglow accessories are available at Locals Culture House for a limited time!