(March 30,2019) At Local’s we pride ourselves in bringing our customers high- quality craft cannabis products. Saturday, March 30th, we dropped the new Premier Cannabis Solventless Extracts in store. These live rosins are single sourced and small batch, so we only have a limited quantity. We spoke with one of the owners Anne & David to learn the production process of these hand-pressed rosins.

1st fresh frozen weed is put into 220 micron cube bags with ice. Then, the bags are put into a 40 gallon container to soak. Next, the bags are mixed with a paddle. These mixes are called washes. 3 total washes are complete: 1st at 10 minutes, 2nd at 20 minutes, and 3rd at 30 minutes. The 1st wash can sometimes be use as a full melt hash and the 2nd and 3rd washes always go to rosin.

Next the different grades of hash are collected and put into the freeze dryer at 35 degrees or less for 24 hours. The temperature is kept at this level so that the terpenes aren’t lost and the hash isn’t oxidized from air drying.

Finally, the hash is put in rosin screen bags and the rosin is hand pressed. This process is done on a made-to-order basis and put straight into the fridge.