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Hidden In The Haze

Back behind that hazy orange smoke, Locals Culture House has all kinds of hidden gear and gadgets for all types of smokers. New silicone dab caps, two-in-one silicone pipes, on the go dab sticks, and so much more!  Poke Things This on the go dab tool I have found to be very handy. I smoke […]

Canna Organix

Located in Sequim Washington, Canna Organix has found themselves a nice corner in the Washington Cannabis industry. Sequium is very unique because it is the only desert in eastern Washington and is also located in the “Olympic Rain Shadow”. The “Olympic Rain Shadow” only receives 16 inches of rain a year and 250 days of […]

CBD For Locals

Many people take CBD locally for a plethora of reasons. Spanning from helping pain, sleep, chilling out, overall wellness, and many other reasons. Finding the right dosage is a process of trial and error. Depends on the reason or ailment you are trying to tackle in addition to how your body reacts to CBD. Each […]

Luxuriously Lifted

Lifted Cannabis is an indoor tier 3 producer of flower, pre-rolls, and concentrates that first started in the medical industry. They grow in a controlled and precise environment that uses filtered air and only when they absolutely have to, organic pesticides. One of the newer all-star brands to hit the shelf’s at Locals Canna House. […]

Delectable Delightful Distillate Pt.2

Delectable Delightful Distillate Pt.2 In the previous edition of Delectable Delightful Distillate we discussed some of the various uses for distillate and some must-try options that Locals Canna House has to offer. Ready to learn how to cook with distillate? Yes, you can cook with distillate, but you MUST follow one simple rule. Low heat! […]

Delectable Delightful Distillate Pt. 1

Distillate is a delectable treat with many different types of applications. This very viscous oil is void of any unappealing elements through an extensive extraction procedure that removes unwanted compounds. It can be used making edibles and topicals, as well as in vaporizers or plain ol’ dabbing. Locals has a wide array of options when […]

Green Revolution Live Resin

Green Revolution is known for producing clean, high quality products for every type of consumer to live better, healthier, and more positive lifes. They take extra steps to ensure the customer that their product is clean by going through the “Clean Green Certified” process. This was a program started in 2004 to regulate the recreational […]

Smoking Well With Burnwell

  Locals Canna House is happy to introduce a new top-notch cannabis producer. Burnwell! Burnwell is a producer of rare cannabis genetics in the form of flowers, concentrates, and pre-rolls that focuses on top quality production with low environmental impact. They are dedicated to reducing their environmental footprint. They recycle everything they can, including 100% […]

Summer Blazin

Locals has many options to offer you this summer. It can be hard to know where to start for your summertime activities, luckily I’ve been a local for a while and I’ve had a chance to try many great products, these are some of my favorites that you should try this summer! Seatown Lemon Haze […]

Locals Culture House

Locals Culture House is back open and in full swing. Grab a friend and swing in for tons of options on glass, apparel, and accessories with a nice beverage in your hand. Sitting areas are also available so one may take a second to take in the mass selection. The Culture House has found more suppliers to […]

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