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Techniq Terp-Tank Talk: ZkittleZ

Techniq is a top shelf product line of full spectrum, terpene-rich vape cartridges. This line only uses premier flower and partners with top shelf farms from around the state of washington, hand-selecting unique strains to make liquid gold in cartridge form. This has been one of my favorite vaping experiences I have had yet. Every […]

Should You Whip Your Rosin?

Rosin is a tasty treat that many dabbing fanatics love to keep around. For those who may be unfamiliar, rosin is a concentrate that can be  made from heat pressed flower, bubble hash, or kief. This is sought after for its rich terpene count and, due to it being made from a heat extraction rather […]

Chase Your Day Away With a Lemonade From Rays

When you need to quench your thirst but want to get a little stoned, what’s the solution? Ray’s Lemonades. These infused lemonades come in THC, CBD, and THC:CBD varieties. Ray’s Lemonades are produced by a tier 3 cannabis producer and processor in Clayton Washington. The lemonades are also made from high quality distillate. Distillate is a […]

Farwinds Metered Dose Inhalers

The recreational marijuana industry is constantly introducing new methods for consumers to enjoy cannabis. Fairwinds has introduced metered dose inhalers, or MDI, to Locals Canna House recently. These MDI’s deliver exactly 2.5mg per dose and carry a staggering 200 doses per canister, even the energizer bunny is impressed. Options vary from strain specific to CBD […]

Premier Live Rosin

There are many different types of top shelf concentrates at Locals such as rosin, full melt hashes, and rosin from heat pressed kief. Get your dabing tools ready for this next top shelf concentrate, live rosin! Live rosin is a mouth watering, terpene-rich extract that takes a lot of work to produce. The term “live” […]

Luxuriously Lifted: The Tour

Recently I was lucky enough to see Lifted Cannabis’s Facility. Touring a farm can really make an impact on your vision of the brand. It can either strengthen or weaken it. I had already loved Lifted’s products prior. I did not think it was possible to fall further in love, but boy was I glad […]

Hidden In The Haze: Mini Nail Edition

Locals Culture House is always bringing in new products to keep smokers on top of their game. Recently, I saw a new product there that I absolutely love. The Mini Nail! The Mini Nail is a high quality micro enail that ensures one of the best vaping experiences. This system allows you to precisely control […]

Agro Mechanix’s Wide Array Of Wonderful Smokes

Agro Mechanix offers a wide array of premium products at weed store in Spokane. From joints, infused joints, medium and high end concentrates, and top shelf flower, they are sure to have something to satisfy everyone in your smoke circle.  Birthday Cake Birthday Cake from Agro Mechanix is an absolute delight of a smoke. The […]

Rosin Pearls

Hannah Industries has been pumping out premium products for a very long time. If you are not familiar with Hannah Industries, you may be familiar with Dawg Star, Western Cultured, El Ella, or Twisted Legion. All of these brands come from Hannah Industries. A new line of Dawg Star products has recently hit the shelves […]

Hidden In The Haze Pt. 2

If you’re on the hunt for that special something that stands out, Locals Culture House has a wide array of visually stunning accessories, pieces, artwork, and more. Find a gift for someone close or that unique item that speaks to you.   UV Reactive Pieces The Culture House has loads of UV Reactive Pieces. UV Reactive […]

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