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Alpenglow Extracts Top Shelf Concentrates

 Alpenglow Extracts is a company that focuses on producing high quality, small batch runs of live resin made with only the best strains from farms all a crossed the state of Washington. Every batch of oil is completely unique. Usually each batch is a blend of oils and terpenes from multiple farms often made with […]

ISpire Dabbing Wand

If I told you that you can now dab with the use of a wand you’d probably call me crazy. All it takes is a little bit of magic. Just kidding, induction heating. The ISpire wand allows you to take dabs at precise temperatures without the use of a scary torch and flame. No more […]

Redbird Cannabis

You can now find Redbird cannabis products at Locals Canna House! Redbird is tier 3 producer / processor located in Spokane Washington that produces flower, pre-rolls, edibles, and dry sift rosin. What separates Redbird from the rest is its highly engineered controlled environment that grows cannabis using high-pressured aeroponics.  What is “Aeroponics”  ? “Aeroponics” is […]

Everything You Need To Know About Bodhi High Pt. 2

Bodhi High is an organic sustainable tier 2 farm that provides material for concentrates from soil to oil.  This year Bodhi High has brand new custom genetics like “Puppy Gas” and farm favorites like “Lime Skunk” in addition to other premium genetics like “Legends OG” and “Goji OG”. What sets Bodhi High apart most though […]

All About Bodhi High Brands Pt.1

From award winning Belgian chocolates to soft and chewy gummies, Odd Duck edibles are sure to satisfy. The Odd Duck mission is to produce small batch, affordable, potent savory treats from the finest ethically sourced ingredients. Odd Duck Chocolates are created using a single origin, fair trade cocoa sourced from sustainable operated small farms from […]

Cannabinoids For Better Days

Recently, we have explained how using CBD/CBG can be helpful for treating athletic injuries and why you should pair your hydration with CBD/CBG. As you know from our recent article, using cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG helps keep your endocannabinoid system in homeostasis. Did you know that cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG can […]

Hydration is Serious Business

Consumers are turning to CBD/CBG seeking relief from a variety of health conditions and symptoms, from chronic pain to insomnia, anxiety, nausea, and more. Consumers across all adult age demographics – including seniors – are increasingly giving CBD/CBG a try to explore its potential effects on their personal health and well-being. One area in which […]

Using CBD To Treat Athlete Injuries

Did you know that sports and recreation-related injuries account for 4.2 million emergency room visits each year? And while the largest number of ER visits result from youth sports, nearly 1.5 million adults require emergency medical services each year. Even if you didn’t know those particular facts, they probably didn’t surprise you. After all, sprains, […]

Want A Chill Ride?

Spokane is a beautiful area with lots of outdoor recreational options. From hiking to fishing, to swimming in lakes and rivers, the Spokane Area has many activities to keep outdoor enthusiasts busy. I have always loved the outdoors but like many people, I can get lazy. Sometimes a hike in hot weather doesn’t sound the […]

Terp Talk: Pinene

There are more than 150 different types of terpenes found in the cannabis plant. Each terpene contributes to the aroma, flavor, and effect that cannabis provides. Flavors like citrus, mint, herbal, minty, and effects produced by terpenes can make users feel euphoric, relaxed, or focused for a few examples. One of my personal favorite terpenes […]

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